Photo given to me today by Steve Wright of B&D’s HURRICANE at Gravesend. Sadly her state had been let slip in this photograph compared to when she was a proud tug with Merc’s. In my eyes one of the best looking tugs on the Thames.

90GRT, (78’5″x20’5″x8’4″)

1 scr, diesel, Lister-Blackstone 8 cylinder turbo 457bhp-336kW
Aux engine : Russell Newberry D2 – Overhauled in 1980.

1938: Built by “Henry

Scarr Ltd” at Hessle (GBR) (YN 396)
1938: delivered to “James W. Cook & Co Ltd” (GBR)
1939 -29/11: hired by the UK Navy as BBV
1944: transferred to Naval Stores Department at Sheerness
1946: returned to owner

s “James W. Cook & Co Ltd” (GBR)
197x: owned by “Mercantile Lighterage Ltd” (River Thames Lighterage) at London (GBR) 199x: still in service

with “Braithwaite & Dean Lighterage Ltd” at London (GBR)
1994: To Thames & Medway Towage” (Ron Livett) (GBR)
1996: Out of service,laid up
2004: spotted moored in derilict state at Charlton/Woolwich (GBR)
2005: now moored at Deptford Creek (GBR)
2006: For sale for £10,000
2007: Move to Leigh on S

ea(Wakefield) , For sale price now stands at £7,500
2007: Main and Aux engines

for sale on ebay
2007: Decking removed and engines lifted out of the tug
2007: Towed to Rochford,Essex – Said to have been broken up on site