Below is an update on Queen Mary which towed to Tilbury
Dock by Aicirtron , Unico and Horton in 2009 after being
bought by an owner in France.  Sadly the plans fell through
and she was resold, however not much has happend since…

Many of you will be curious why there has been no information about Queen Mary for a very long time. Some of you have asked personally from time to time, so a news bulletin really is due. Some important information has now come into the public domain which you might or might not be aware of by now


The owner has wished for his business deliberations to remain private as you will understand. However, cover has now been broken with this new internet site


I should point out that whilst I maintain friendly relations with the owner and have offered him advice and encouragement in the past, I have no involvement whatsoever with his business proposals.


Aware of the problems associated with any form of maritime preservation I had tried to find a way of accommodating the interests of all of us in a way which would give the ship the best chance of survival, but as it stands, the owner is pursuing his plans on a private basis. Nevertheless, we are indebted to the owner for stepping in after there were no bids for the ship at auction and when her future looked very precarious


I am pleased to say that I did have an important role in what now has to be regarded as the establishment of a back-stop plan to ensure that the ship can be saved if she does come up for sale again. You will understand that back in August 2011, whilst it might have been possible to purchase the ship at auction for preservation, there had been no time to formulate a plan for her future – an enormously complicated and potentially expensive project. Fortunately a group of skilled professionals have been working on this in the meantime  and are now ready to take the ship if she does become available. The Scottish-based group are now the Friends of TS Queen Mary, and have achieved charitable status. Their website is at


The ship remains at Tilbury and no work has, to date been done on her. As such, there remain concerns for her future, but with the website now supporting the owner’s work, there is now some prospect of progress. It is important that the ship’s structure does not deteriorate further


I very much hope that Queen Mary survives and at least there is no immediate prospect of losing the ship.  


As and when I get any tangible news, I shall pass it on   


Best regards
Gordon –