Those passing by on the river at Gravesend will have spotted Polla Rose up on the slipway at Denton recently. In the past few weeks she has been receiving a new black painted hull livery which leads to the question of a possible new owner….

I can now reveal the new owners of POLLA ROSE are HCH Marine.
On 7th December 2020 (Today) POLLA ROSE operated her first freight for HCH Marine pictured here:

photo by Krispen Atkinson

Nick Howard of HCH Marine kindly spoke to Liquid Highway this week and said the following:

“Our Plans for Polla Rose are to operate her on a new route between Tilbury Grain Terminal and Erith Oil carrying dry cargo of grain which we hope will prove more cost effective to transport by River than by Road”

Company Background:
HCH Marine Services was a management buy out of F.T.E Lighterage LTD. The company was formed in 1990 and still operates today with PURGO which operates between Erith Oil and Jurgens Jetty at Purfleet – the home of Stork margarine and other fatty/oily food products.

You can read a brief history of the company here:

Below are a number of photos taken between October 2020 and December 2020 showing the overhaul and launching of Polla Rose at Denton:
photo: Peter Gladdish – Oct 2020
Polla Rose at Denton – Nov 2020 (photo D Hammond)
photos by Nick Howard
Leaving Denton for Tilbury Grain 3/12/2020 –
photo: J.Berry