This week we take a look at another addition to the GPS Marine fleet at Upnor – Bunker barge GPS Dispenser will join fleet mate Distributor.

Built in 1972 by De Hoop BV in Schiedam as MOBIL 3 for use in Rotterdam , she was sold in 2004 as MOBI in Amsterdam before being sold again and renamed AGATE 7 before being aquired by GPS Marine in 2020

We look forward to seeing her underway and in service shortly!

Photo: Carel Lieverst as MOBIL 3
Construction year1972
Construction siteDe Hoop BV in Schiedam
Construction number128
Dimensions26.28 x 5.18 x 1.73
Propulsion150 hp Scania
Engine typeD 11 R 80
Engine number11335