The following photos were kindly sent to me by Jamie Spinks from his collection taken by Henry Harry Vincent his grandfather whilst working for Vokins and show VASSAL and VALKYRIE with the company

Henry Vincent worked man and boy for Vokins from 1926 to 1972. He was the youngest skipper at Vokins – promoted from a lighterman to a skipper in 1937. Also the original skipper of tug VARLET.

Vassal with Henry Harry Vincent at the helm
Vassal as new
Two pictures showing Vassal dressed for the 1951 festival of britain
Harry Vincent at the helm of vassal
Crew sat onboard VALKYRIE are : Ron Watkins far left, Fred Reed second right, Jim Houseboat Smith
ABOVE: Two photos of VALKYRIE after sinking at Instones Wharf in 1967 – the crew had moored her incorrectly and she got pinned up
Valkyrie in Bow Creek